New rules, now faster and easier to play

Welcome to the official website of Tri 3D - the ultimate 3D strategy board game.

We've just released a new set of rules for Tri 3D, which make it easier and faster to play.

You can now play using a dice which means you can move faster across the board, and this also introduces an element of chance, making it easier for novice players to get involved in the fun.

Simply download and print the instructions for free, find yourself a dice and a worthy opponent, and enjoy a faster paced, easier game. You will of course need a Tri 3D game board and counters. If you don't have one yet, click Buy to find your nearest high street retailer or online store.

Of course, if you want a more challenging, pure strategy game, then you can still play using the classic instructions.

P.S. We'd love to hear your feedback on the new rules on @Tri3D or

Tri 3D - the ultimate 3D strategy board game

This exciting and unique board game is can be played by 2 or 3 players aged 8 to adult.
It is played on the unique Tri 3D board - 3 clear triangular platforms stacked one above the other.
Players take it in turns to move one space at a time around the board in any direction, and attempt to capture their opponent's counters by surrounding them on two sides or cornering them.
The ability to jump between the platforms adds an extra dimension to this exciting game of strategy, skill and cunning, as players can sneak up on their opponents and catch them off guard.

Tri 3D - the ultimate 3D strategy board game and triangular box

Similar in play to traditional board games like Chess, Draughts or Checkers, Tri 3D is easier to learn than chess, so can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. But it can equally provide a competitive and challenging game to more experienced players.

You will not find any other 3D board games as easy to learn, fun and addictive as Tri 3D.

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