When can I jump between the levels?

On your turn, if the space immediately above or below one of your playing pieces is free and you have at least one playing piece on the level you wish to jump to, you can move that piece to the space directly above or below it.
You cannot move directly from the top level to bottom level in one move, and you cannot move across the board in the same move, or move to a space that is occupied.
Watch the Video to see how the game is played.

Is there a trap?

Do I get captured if I move between two opponents pieces?

If you move one of your playing pieces to a position where you are surrounded on two sides by your opponents' pieces, your piece is not automatically removed from the board.
Under the normal rules of Tri 3D, your opponent must move to surround you in order to remove your piece.
However, if you'd like to play a slightly more challenging game, you could always introduce this rule - just make sure you agree this before you start play!

I'm missing a part

We pack our games with great care, and check every one before it's sent out to stores, but in the unlikely event you find a playing piece or other component missing from your game when you get it home, please email support@panicgames.co.uk with your name, address and which parts you are missing and we'll get some replacements sent straight out to you.

I've broken it!

Tri 3D is not a conventional board game made of board, it's made of SAN, a strong clear plastic, but if you've been a bit heavy handed with your Tri 3D board, and managed to break it, or if you've lost any counters, we can supply replacement parts.
Our online ordering service is not available currently, but you can email us at support@panicgames.co.uk with details of the parts you require and we'll let you know how to order replacements.

I'm still stuck!

If you're still stuck contact us with your question, and we'll do our best to answer it.